DD Engine Coolant Filters

The coolant filter has been removed from DD platform engines. The change comes with an improved Oil Cooler Module which resides on the front, left-hand side of the engine and houses the coolant pump, thermostat, oil fill, and oil filter. On engines built prior to this change, the coolant filter access cap was located just forward of the oil filter.
The current coolant filter is only partial flow (~15%). Testing showed that coolant and engine protection were not affected by the removal of the coolant filter. Customers will also benefit from reduced maintenance costs by eliminating the coolant filter inspection/replacement cycle.
The new Oil/Coolant Module is NOT backwards compatible on older engines. However, customers may choose to remove the coolant filter on their current engines at the next applicable Preventative Maintenance stop.
The new Oil/Coolant Module became effective with the following approximate change points.
• DD15AT engine s/n 472906S0326388 built on 23-Mar-15.
• DD13 engine s/n 471927S0326736 built on 17-Mar-15.
• DD15TC engine s/n 472909S0327137 built on 17-Mar-15.
• DD16 engine s/n 473908S0327187 built on 19-Mar-15.
Please note that the new oil fill is now connected at the bottom by a flexible tube, which increases the restriction when the engine is filled with oil. Shops using an automatic oil filling machine may need to adjust their flow rate to avoid spills.

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