Metal In The Fuel System – Three Filter Fuel System


For lot of DD engines a common problem is unit hard to start/no start but the engine cranks. A common cause for this symptom is fuel contamination, specifically metal debris in the fuel system on high mileage units. This can be a costly repair if misdiagnosed, thorough diag and repair is to prevent progressive damage and future no start issues.



  1. Remove the fuel filters from the fuel filter module. Inspect the fuel filter an inside of the fuel filter module for metal debris.
  2. If metal debris is found, use a magnet and inspect the fuel filters and inside the fuel filter module for magnetic debris. If no magnetic debris is not found inspect the fuel tanks and repair accordingly.
  3. Remove the high pressure flange from the High Pressure Fuel Pump. Place a magnet on the high pressure on the fuel pump outlet port 1 and check for magnetic debris. If no magnetic debris was found, replace the fuel filters and inspect all OEM fuel lines and tank for source of contamination. hpfp1
  4. If magnetic debris is found at the high pressure outlet port, removed the PLV(pressure limiting valve) and replace valve. Afterward begin to clean out the system thoroughly and replace required parts to prevent further progressive damage.


Replace the following components:

  • High Pressure Fuel Pump
  • Fuel Filter Module
  • High Pressure Fuel Injector Lines
  • High Pressure Fuel Rail Feed Lines
  • Fuel Injectors
  • High Pressure Flange
  • All Fuel Filters(including OEM)

Clean the following components:

  • Low Pressure Lines
  • Low Pressure Flange
  • Doser Supply Line
  • Return Lines
  • Fuel Rail
  • Frame Mounted Fuel filter Assembly
  • OEM Supply and Return Lines
  • Fuel Tanks



7 thoughts on “Metal In The Fuel System – Three Filter Fuel System

  1. Thai.nguyen

    Dear Sir,
    Thank for your help and support.
    I think that the fuel filter is so
    Important. Please tell me
    Can I remove the DPF ?

  2. Mechanic Post author

    Yes you can, but why do you want to remove it?

  3. Vb vijay

    Hi i need ur hepl with dpf

  4. Mechanic Post author

    What is the issue?

  5. Franklin

    Low oil pressure and the engine will shot off

  6. David Mabi

    I have fuel contamination . They found metal in fuel system what will be the estimate cost $$ for repaire

  7. Mechanic Post author

    you are looking at $10k roughly

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