Aftertreament Harness Codes

On new EPA10/GHG14 model DD13/15/16’s have had problems with the aftertreament harness rubbing along the one box and causing multiple codes.

List of codes:IMG_20150910_214247

  • 3361/1 DEF dosing valve circuit failed low
  • 3361/4 DEF dosing valve circuit failed high
  • 3361/5 DEF dosing valve circuit failed open
  • 3361/31 DEF dosing unit defect
  • 3597/3 Proportional valve bank 1 circuit failed high
  • 3597/4 Proportional valve bank 1 circuit failed low
  • 4334/3 DEF pressure sensor circuit failed high
  • 4334/4 DEF pressure sensor circuit failed low

Unit that set the following fault codes may be due to the aftertreament doser harness rubbing near the DEF doser injector.

If the fault codes are present inspect the doser harness. Inspect the harness and check the anti-abrasion sleeve has rubbed through, if the wires are not damaged just apply tape over and re-position the harness to prevent further rubbing. If the wires are damaged then the entire harness will have to replaced. P/N DDE 23539669 is a service kit that can applied to both repairs to ensure this problem will never happen again.

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  1. Thai Nguyen


  2. Tom

    This is a great site lots of useful information and knowledgeable technicians.

  3. Mechanic Post author

    The DEF harness starts at the DPF filters and goes over the transmission to the ACM located infront of the battery box

  4. Jose

    I bought a 2014 cascadia. . 2 months ago. . Now the yellow light and the Def regen.. is on.. I took it tout the dealer thinking that is under warranty. .but is not.. My surprise was that the aftertreatment harness and the inlet temp
    sensor is bad ..needs to be replace.. price tag $1700.. this truck has only 240.000 miles on it.. I truck withnot mush miles on it , and already given this problems. .

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