EPA 10 DDE 15 Regen Log File Normal Values

Coolant TemperatureAbove 140*F
DOC Inlet Temperature600-725*F
DOC Outlet Temperature1050-1150*F
DPF Outlet Temperature1050-1150*F
SCR Inlet Temperature950-1100*F
SCR Outlet Temperature950-1100*F
DEF Pressure66-85 psi
DEF Air Pressure19-29 psi
Actual DEF Dosing Quantity800-900 g/h
NOx Conversion Efficiency 70-100%
SCR Inlet NOx Sensor200-300 ppm
SCR Outlet NOx Sensor5-25 ppm
DOC Inlet Pressure<1.3 psi(1box) or <1.74 psi(2box)
DPF Outlet PressureAround 1/2 of DOC Inlet Pressure
Engine Speed1100 rpm
Fuel Cutoff Valve100%
Throttle Valve Actual Position75-90%
Fuel Doser Injection Status10-30%
Fuel Compensation Pressure80-90 psi
Doser Fuel Line Pressure15-30 psi
EGR Delta Pressure-0.05 - 0.20 psi
EGR Command Governor Value5%
Jake Brake 1 100%
Actual Fuel Mass100-130 mg/st
Inlet Manifold PressureBarometric Pressure +2-3psi
Actual DPF ZoneDrops to 0(if not already)

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